Tannehill Valley Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Placing the Heart of God in the Hearts of People
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Throughout the week, we offer opportunities for our members and guests to meet together and grow in their Spiritual walk in small group settings.
We encourage you to join us as we grow together through Bible Study, Prayer, and Missions Organizations. Choose from the following to see a list of classes and special activities available for you and your family.

Sunday school at 8:45 am

General Officers & Greeters
Danny Ackers
Tom Fletcher
Allan Springer
Doug Hancock
Nursery I & II
Cheryl Springer
Rhonda Whaley
Justin & Cami Finnen
Preschool A (2-3 year olds)
Ashley Dark
Vicky Wesson
K-5 (Kindergarten)
Heather Hopkins
Sarah Logan
Children - 1st Grade  Eric & Michele Mroz
Children - 2nd Grade
Jonathan & Christie Crowson
Children - 3rd Grade
Emily Harmon
Jennifer Reaves
Children - 4th Grade
Missy Caddis
Lianne Turman
Children - 5th Grade
Lavonne Humphryes
Shirley Smith
Joan Sellers
Children - 6th Grade Shane & Christie Tucker
Youth - 7th-9th Grade Ben & Shelly Hill
Youth - 10th-12th Grade
Bryan &Vickii Marchant
College & Career (18-25)  
Couples 1 (60 and Up) Jim Satterfield
Couples 2 (46-59) Marty McDill
Couples 3 (35-45) Brian Lowe
Adults 4 (20-34) Jon Reaves
Ladies 1 - Truth Seekers Karen Thornton
Ladies 2 - Lydia Ladies Debra Shirley
Men's Kelly Humphryes

discipleship training at 5:30 pm

Nursery I & II As Scheduled
 Preschool A&B (2-3 Yr Old)
Ashley Dixon
Nikki Christian
 Preschool C-5K (4-5 Yr Old)
Pam Hamaker
Jonica O'Daniel
 1-3 Grade GA's
Laura Beth Yates
Tracy Fuller
 4-6 Grade GA's
Missy Caddis
Kim Adams
 1-6 Grade RA's     Shayne Tucker
Brian Christian
Glenn Blake
 Acteens Student Girls
Samantha Smith
Cheryl Springer
 Student Ministry Boys  
 Adults As Offered

WEDNESDAYs at 6:30 pm

Activity Room Number
Small Group Bible Studies
As Scheduled
Lori Caraway
Mission Express: 2 - 5 year olds
Shelley Hill
Christie Tucker
Christie Crowson
KidMO: 1st - 4th Grade
(Main Building)
5th - 6th Grade  
Student and College & Career Worship
FLC Student Room
Adult Choir Rehearsal